Best bridesmaid dresses collection for 2023

They say it’s all about the little things, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to planning a wedding—from choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress to determining the ideal location for your ceremony, the details add up quickly and can make or break your big day. But with so many different kinds of dresses out there, it can be hard to decide which one will work best, especially if you have more than one bridesmaid who needs to be outfitted!

Reasons Why Great Bridesmaid Dresses Are Always Custom

When you think of wedding dresses, you probably think of one thing above all else: your bridesmaids. Brides depend on their girls to help get everything together and make their big day look great; after all, there’s a reason they call it the wedding party. But picking out dresses for each member of your posse can be tricky—you want to find something that’s flattering and comfortable, but also affordable and even fun. It takes a lot of legwork to go through racks and racks of formal dresses or lehanga designs, but eventually, you hit gold: you find a designer who has exactly what you want in just about every color under the sun__Zuria Dor.

Things to Look for in Your Bridesmaid Dress

Choose a style that fits your body type, individual personality and big day aesthetic. These days, bridesmaid dresses are available in a range of styles at Zuria Dor including floor-length, cap-sleeved or sleeveless, empire waistline, or A-line silhouette. So it’s worth shopping around until you find one that really suits you. There are many benefits to dressing up in traditional Walima dress or Nikkah dresses. 

However, these lehenga designs can be slightly fiddler than any other gowns. If you’re an organized bride who knows exactly what she wants her girls to wear and will be on hand to ensure that everyone looks their best on Walima Day/Nikkah Day then by all means choose lehenga for your ensemble!

Tips for picking a color that works for all of you

As you are probably aware, bridesmaid dresses come in a huge range of colors. And that’s one of their most appealing aspects: being able to choose a color for your girls that complement your wedding theme and overall look. But as fun as color can be, it can also be a little daunting when it comes to choosing which shade is best for you and your maids. That’s why we’ve given some foolproof tips for picking out that perfect Walima or Nikkah dress.

  1. Consider how long you have been friends
  2. Consider how close you are
  3. Consider how bright their hair is 
  4. Consider what color suits their skin tone 
  5. Think about whether they’re taller than you 
  6. Think about whether they wear more makeup than you do 

Should you hem your bridesmaid dress yourself or get it professionally done?

For those who hem their own dresses, you can do it at home for free or pay someone to do it for you. You can also just purchase a dress that already has two inches added on. This will also allow you to buy a taller model or from a store with generous return policies. If your friend already owns six of your favorite dresses but none are work appropriate and she needs one for an event, it may be worth purchasing an inexpensive Walima-style tunic that matches her complexion and wearing pants or leggings under it. A good Nikkah ensemble is equally important so don’t get caught in a bind when looking for one that fits your budget and style because there are many lehanga designs out there.

Check out some bridal dresses from the top luxury wedding designer Zuria Dor! 

Elora Bridal Lehenga – Zuria Dor

Elora Bridal Lehenga

Siara Bridal Lehnga – Zuria Dor

Siara Bridal Lehenga

Avana Bridal Farshi Sharara – Zuria Dor

Avana Bridal dress

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We may carry long discussions, which bridesmaid dress is best or which looks outmoded. . However, you must acknowledge one thing, there are thousands of choices that you can opt for but what suits you on your figure matters the most. Just following fashion or trendy looks is not enough for defining your fashion sense to the communal. If it does not fit you right, it’s not meant for you!

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